Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back creating in the studio!

I've been a little tied up with all the planning and cleaning out of my office and studio last week. I've also been busy getting ready for my first meeting as President of the Olathe Visual Artists group this Thursday night.
However, I finally found the urge to step back into the studio and create a few things last week. Here is one of the beads I made that has, count them, 240 dots! Well, 120 of them are under the transparent ones on top. I sat there for 2 hours very determined to make a larger bead with a lot of precision and many, many very tiny dots. And yes, I used the colors that I tend to gravitate to. Why is that?
Some of you may have come to my blog as a link from my web site that is totally messed up right now. I've just started this blog a few weeks ago, so am starting to get into the groove of adding things online. I have finally given up the control of having to "do it all" and am having someone else put everything together online for me to get more organized and free up more time to do what I love--creating in the studio. Bear with me...great things are on the way.
Until next time, have a great one!


  1. Debi!
    I LOVE this bead!I'm completely without a clue when it comes to glass...but how long did that take? I'm imagining ages!

    I'm feeling a bit sad that class is almost over...I've found the focus really helpful. I'm excited to be your first 'follower' - I loved that you appeared on my followers list, too!

    Good luck - will keep an eye on things!


  2. Very pretty. How large is it? I started making my own jewelry a couple of years ago and then stopped when painting became the driving interest in my life.
    I'm hoping I will be able to keep up with everything from the class and not lose sight of my goals.