Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fortunate and thankful

Something that I realized today as I was making beads at the torch is that I am really fortunate to have so many people I can turn to for answers to questions that may come up while running my business. Even though I have been a homebased business owner for the last 17 years almost, I will always have questions and need help with some aspects. In my realm there are people with expertise in marketing research, marketing, sales, shipping/logistics, design, art, photography, nursing and my background in administrative services doesn't hurt. Most of these people are in the immediate family or close friends so they aren't far away for any questions I might have. So even though I wear all of the hats in my business, I am very thankful and appreciative for any and all support, guidance and whatever else I might receive from them. For instance I got a little tidbit of marketing info this morning that was gladly accepted. Enough on that...

Here is a glimpse of some of what I will be listing on Etsy tomorrow!

Enjoy the day and until next time, smiles - Debbi

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