Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Focus, focus, focus

I have struggled most of the week with my focus on making beads. I have the time, the tools, but I can't sit for long before I start to lose focus and go all directions and finally give up after an hour at the torch. So today I actually looked up on the web "foods to eat for focus" - didn't help. I've heard it all before and I don't have avocados, don't like blueberries and don't like fish! Better start, I guess.

Then, since I didn't want to spend the time to go to the store and knowing it would take a long time for any food to help right away I thought surely there are some brain games out there to help train my brain to focus better. I found this really cool site with a lot of brain games for training your brain to focus, work on your memory and many other things.

I have to tell you, after working on some of the games for about 30 minutes, my brain actually hurts and feels like it's been exercising. I think it would help to get a little more physical exercise, too...

No new beads to show until I get my focus back! Yikes, I have 2 bead shows in May!

Until next time - smiles, Debbi

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  1. Debbie - this is my first visit to your site - I came via Tracy - of Tracey Hewitt Designs. Wow some of your beads are just breath taking - minature works of art all on their own - and I so related to your struggles with your process. I think anyone creative goes through the same thing. Thanks for the cool link.